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Dr. Karl Nixdorf

Dr. Karl Nixdorf of Spine & Balance Center of NJ, LLC

Dr. Nixdorf has been a chiropractor in private practice for twenty-two years and has treated literally thousands of patients in the lower Bergen County area of New Jersey since 1996.  His practice focuses on patients suffering from acute and chronic spinal pain.  Successful outcomes begin with the correct diagnosis and are treated with evidence based protocols.  As a chiropractor, Dr. Nixdorf can diagnose the actual cause of pain via a thorough physical examination as well as by ordering the appropriate imaging studies, laboratory studies, or a combination of both.  Dr.  Nixdorf stated “most of my neck and low back patients are convinced that the cause of their pain is the result of a herniated disc, but in reality, most of their pain is caused by joint fixation and muscle spasm that is easily treated and resolved by gentle spinal manipulation, the application of various physical therapy modalities, and myofascial release”.   Patients with herniated discs generally have arm or leg pain, muscle weakness and or loss of normal sensation.  Most patients with disc herniations are not surgical candidates which is why Dr. Nixdorf is very excited to incorporate the Cox Technic into his practice for the nonsurgical treatment of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar disc herniations. He is one of a very few chiropractors who has been certified by Dr. James Cox for the treatment of both cervical and lumbar conditions.  No other technique has been as well documented and proven to deliver the best clinical outcomes.  Dr. Nixdorf is well integrated into his local medical community because he believes that there is synergy in an integrative approach to patient care.  He receives many referrals from local medical doctors and is happy to refer his patients to caring medical specialist when clinically indicated.

Once patients are out of pain, Dr. Nixdorf emphasizes life style modifications to prevent subsequent episodes of pain.  Dr. Nixdorf offers weigh loss programs for those patients desiring to lower their BMI (Body Mass Index).  Ergonomics of the work place are discussed, and home exercise programs are provided.

Dr. Nixdorf has been married to his wife Debra for 39 years and together have three grown sons.  He enjoys hiking with his St. Bernard, Bernie, skiing, mountain biking, and scuba diving when not working in his office.   He also enjoys studying nutrition which he believes to be essential to maintaining health as well as offering hope for reversing many of the chronic diseases suffered by many in this country.

Sabrina Castro

Spine & Balance Center of NJ Favacon

Sabrina Castro is the office manager at Spine & Balance Center of NJ, LLC. She is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English.

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